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Tongue jQuery Plugin Download

Its a very simple jQuery plugin which allows you to add animated dropdown child element to any elements without using any CSS styles for that.

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Example 1 Hover the image

Example Image
Name: flower.png
Size: 68.7 kB
Photography: Sana Amrin
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Example 2 Hover the image



  1. Download the jQuery Tongue plugin.
  2. Add the jquery.tongue script in your head section. Also make sure jQuery 1.7+ is loaded.
    <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.tongue.js"></script>
  3. HTML Sample
    <div id="tongue">
    	<img src="assets/img/child.jpg" alt="Child" /> <!-- Main element, can be image or anything. -->
    	<div class="tongue-content">Tongue Content</div> <!-- Content to be shown as tongue.  -->
  4. JavaScript / jQuery Code:


Option Description Default
position Position of dropdown content, top or bottom. bottom
tongue_content Selector for element containing the content to be shown as tongue. .tongue-content
start_speed Speed in millisecond while sliding down. 500
end_speed Speed in millisecond while sliding up. 400

Options Usage Example:

	'position'      : 'bottom',
	'tongue_content': '.tongue-content',
	'start_speed'   : 500,
	'end_speed'     : 400